Plants, Palms and Trees for Your Hawaii Development and Landscaping Projects

Kipapa Nursery, is a Hawaiian plant nursery located on the Island of Kauai specializing in ocean-tolerant plants, trees, palms, hybrid Ti, shrubs & Bromeliads. Our large variety of ocean-tolerant plant stock is perfect for Hawaii beach-front development or landscape projects. Kipapa Nursery President, Scott H. Young has over 27 years of experience growing Hawaii's finest plant varieties.

Large Quantities of Mature, Uniform Plant Stock

Kipapa Nursery not only has a wide variety of potted plant, palm and tree products but we also carry a large selection of mature specimen, field grown stock and large numbers of uniformly sized palms and trees.

Kipapa Nursery Services

In addition to the items listed in our Hawaii plant nursery section, we offer consulting services, contract plant growing, estate maintenance and plant rentals. Contact us by calling (808) 639-1236 for more information.

Order Hybrid Ti Cane Cuttings, Bulbs and Seeds

Hybrid Ti CuttingsKipapa Nursery sells and ships Hybrid Ti canes (no roots or leaves), Variegated Noni tree seeds, Sea Grape tree seeds, Giant Spider Lily bulbs and assorted palm seeds. Prices may vary due to availability, please call (808) 639-1236 for more information. There is a minimum order of $150 plus shipping and handling for seed and cutting orders. Shipping Priority Mail approximately $12-14.