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Welcome to Kipapa Nursery, a Hawaiian plant nursery with a wide array of tropical & exotic plant products. Our specialty is ocean-tolerant plant products; plant specimen that thrive inspite of ocean front conditions, ie., wind, salt and sand. Additionally, Kipapa Nursery produces a large variety of other plant products, including exotic Hawaiian Palms, Trees, Bromeliads, Shrubs, Hybrid Ti, and Ground covers.

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Exotic Hawaiian Palms


Hybrid Ti
Hybrid Ti Plants


Ground CoverGround Cover



Ocean TolerantOcean Tolerant Plants


Contract Growing

Do you need a particular plant product in large quantities for an upcoming project? Give us a call, we do contract growing. Click on a plant category above to see what we currently produce.

"At Kipapa Nursery we value our natural resources and are committed to protecting them. At Kipapa Nursery we minimize the use of pesticides by using natural deterrants to plant pests. "

Scott Young